See what our customers are saying about their experience at Abbotsford Family Pharmacy.

You have gone above and beyond for me and my family. Thank you so much!
— Mel
What a helpful and friendly place! Thanks guys, see you next time
he friendly pharmacist and staff at Abbotsford Family Pharmacy live up to the business name, they make you feel like you are amongst family. The service is friendly and professional, the advice is as detailed as required and as succinct as I like it. The staff are educated about patient needs, they are armed with the latest clinical and compounding information. I feel like I have my own personal pharmacist who understands my concerns and challenges and can tailor a solution that serves me best. Some pharmacies can feel like a fast food outlet or a large retailer, concerned only with profits. At Abbotsford Family Pharmacy I know that my health outcomes are their number 1 priority. I recommend this pharmacy to all my family and friends.
— Charbel
Sylvana is a fantastic pharmacist. She cares and her vibrant personality transforms the experience of going to her pharmacy from a transactional one where the customers is treated as a consumer (buy 3 for $10) to a unique health experience where you are the most important person in the world during the few minutes you are in her pharmacy, and she will do her best to make you feel better, smile, be happy and be more knowledgeable about your health. I can’t recommend her high enough..
— Jalal
Fantastic new pharmacy. Everything is so beautifully presented. Easy to find what you need and the prices are very competitive. Worth checking out!
— Tania
Went there to get some documents certified and have been welcome by a lovely friendly pharmacist who did it in 5 min with a smile.
This was just after being told by another local pharmacy that they could do it but would charge me $5 per page...
Thanks Abbotsford Family Pharmay
— Mathieu