Silvana Gittani,
Pharmacy proprietor and Pharmacist-in-charge

Silvana is the new pharmacist-in-charge and proprietor of Abbotsford Family Pharmacy.  Being a pharmacist is something Silvana identifies with, and takes that responsibility seriously. She works with a network of people to ensure her patients get the best healthcare.

Silvana has introduced a new compounding service to the pharmacy with state of the art equipment. She is accredited to make products on the premises that are not commercially available. She also keeps up to date with the latest in the medical field to ensure her patients are very well looked after.

Silvana works closely with the university of Sydney and the University of Technology. As a member on the pharmacy board examination panel, Silvana is serious about being a role model for new pharmacists. Her students visit on a weekly basis the pharmacy and spend time with her patients.  She likes the mentoring of the new graduates. She says: 'Our grandfathers planted so we ate and now we plant so they may eat'. 

Her favourite saying: ' Never see a need without doing something about it'. 


Julie Mifsud, 
Pharmacy Assistant 

I work at Abbotsford family pharmacy as I love that everybody is so kind and friendly. I enjoy helping our customers and also having a chat with them and hearing all the stories. Everyone who walks in the door is an untold story. 

Coming from a DANCE background I enjoy being around people and I love pharmacy work as we are also able to help and be of assistance in time of need.

I have three young children, two boys and a girl who keep me busy every other day.....

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and the occasional sleep-in.I love relaxing on the beach and also reading a good book.  I would love to travel more and see our great country as well as what overseas has to offer.