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MEM FOX's I'm Australian Too DAY

  • abbotsford Family pharmacy 310 Great North Road Abbotsford, NSW, 2046 Australia (map)

Some of you may not know this but I am a little bit obsessed with MEM FOX and her books. I own a few copies of every single one.

The first book I read to my son Christopher was Time for Bed by Mem Fox, and pretty soon the collection grew, and grew and grew ..... So OF COURSE, when we heard that Mem Fox is releasing a new book in MARCH, we leaped for joy. How exciting !! Even my own kids aged 6, 8 and 10 were excited. So we did what we do best and gave MEM FOX a celebration at Abbotsford Family Pharmacy and a local book launch !

We had the best guests you can have at a MEM FOX book launch: the local children of course. Happiness was overflowing in my heart as I sat amongst the kids, along with my staff, and of course our customers . We read and read to our hearts content. We made noises and clapped and picked our favourite characters and counted the animals and talked about our birthday parties on the weekend then read some more... IT WAS AWESOME !

According to one of the younger kids, the Afghan man on the camel was a cowboy on a cow. we all knew it was a camel but he could see a cow and a cowboy. That's ok. that man can be whatever he wanted him to be.Who are we to correct him right? It's his imagination and that's the beauty of reading. (I had to share that as that was my favourite part )

The kids picked all the people in the book and one by one helped turn the page. I am grateful that Mem had enough pages for ALL the kids and carers and customers and staff. It's a looong book.

The thing that was amazing is what the book is actually about: ' I am Australian Too'.

What a wonderful book to read with young minds to open their hearts to what it means to be Australian. I won't spoil it for you but I will say this : the BEST KIDS BOOK I HAVE READ IN A LONG TIME. I have no doubt that it will be winning many awards. It won best book Abbotsford Family Pharmacy that's for sure, and we have lots of book in our book club.

We couldn't celebrate MEM FOX without reading Wilfred Gordon Macdonald Partridge now could we? So we read it and the kids LOVED NANCY as I do. She is so cool xx

We made an executive decision NOT to read TIME FOR BED as I fall asleep EVERY SINGLE TIME and we can't afford to fall asleep on the job, Can we?

A big thank you to Abbotsford Long Day Care Centre for celebrating MEM FOX, LITERACY and our BOOK CLUB with us. You always come up with the coolest and best ideas to truly nurture the men and women of tomorrow. Nothing can stop you, not even the rain, from doing the best for the kids in your care.

Thank you for sharing our joy.


Later Event: May 16